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A sedan car, American English terminology (saloon in British English), is one of the most common body styles of the modern automobile. At its most basic, the sedan is a passenger car with two rows of seats and adequate passenger space in the rear compartment for adult passengers.

In North American English and American Spanish, the term sedan is used.

In other languages, sedans are known as:
  • berline (French)
  • berlina (Spanish, European Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian)
  • In German, the term Limousine is used for sedans whereas the term Stretch-Limousine is used for limousines.

Built of a Limousine

Many people are wondering how a limousine is built? This behavior is not simple as it might look. In fact theses limousines at the completion, needs to conform to high norm establish for securities purposes.

The process starts by purchasing new vehicles from car dealers. The limousine builders usually select the vehicle from the luxury category, such as Lincoln, Cadillac or Chrysler 300 in order to satisfy the targeted market. Limo Montreal CPS invites you to visit Limousines World to gratify your curiosity.

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Our vehicles photos


The beautiful and spacious sedan (4)

The sedan is business people first choice. Used generally for transfer in between the airport to downtown Montreal and as instructed service around the town for business meeting. This vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers and still offer comfort and discretion. The sedans, are selected frequently for long distance package transportation.

The stretch-limousines, 6 & 8 passengers

The Stretch-Limousines VIP offered by Montreal Limo CPS are spacious and accommodate up to eight passengers. Theses prestigious limousines are equipped with the latest multi-media technologies. The most common purpose of use is to highlight special events such as an anniversary.

SUV 6 passengers

The SUV demand is growing. This vehicle is a great compromise between the sedan and the stretch-limousines. The SUV can accommodate six people comfortably. It gives an excellent visibility to the passengers therefore makes a great choice for city tour. Its unique sport utility option makes the suv a sure winner for Laurentian high mountains region drive.